2017 was a year that saw health and safety software companies
consolidate, including NordSafety which became part of the
EcoIntense Group. The trend of collaboration and consolidation, 
is likely to continue when software companies need to continually solve more and more complex challenges in EHS and prepare for the rise of new technologies such as mobile apps, AI and big data, IoT, wearables and more. In the long run, the gathered data and use of technology enables organisations to get more done with less resource and shift the focus even more to creating safety instead of reacting to problems.

Safety Management Trend Report

“More emphasis on safety leadership rather than management. As well, more emphasis on a safety commitment strategy rather than a control strategy and on integrating safety, health and wellbeing.”

– Pete Kines


“The safety profession could be much better at getting to the real ‘root causes’ of incidents. There is a need to extract such information from incident databases and pooling the knowledge so it can be meaningfully shared. The safety profession needs to develop good feedback systems to make this work. How this can be done is a real challenge.”

– Dr Dominic Cooper