To produce a vision of how changes in safety practices may take place, we need to know not only what has happened before and what’s happening right now, but also try to forecast how our current actions will affect safety performance in the future. As working practices and environments continue to alter, we must find new and appropriate ways of adapting our HSEQ requirements, methods for engaging our workforces in their own wellbeing, and utilising the new advancements in technology that are available to us. Within this report, we’ll be discussing these topics, and highlighting the most pressing issues for 2017, and beyond.


I would be delighted if Root Cause Analysis would disappear, but I am not very optimistic. The simplicity of the method and the thinking behind it is too attractive to be overcome by sound arguments against its practical value.

– Erik Hollnagel


Getting the right information and knowledge, in the right format, to the right people at the right time also presents many challenges that many companies tend to shy away from addressing, as they see the challenge as just too big to tackle.

– Dr Dominic Cooper